Our Durable development policy

«Sustainable development is a pattern of resource use that aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present but also for generations to come»

Maison Meneau is a family business

who sets strategic objectives by integrating sustainable development into the daily newspaper in the business management. It is the “Meneau Spirit”. The House Mullion also takes part in the economic development of the Aquitaine region.

Maison Meneau and its employees…

Maison Meneau is continuously improving working conditions for its employees by creating ergonomic work stations and implicating its staff by offering training programmes. Maison Meneau has signed the French Diversity Charter.

Circulation of news to the public

Maison Meneau maintains an attitude of permanent dialog: it takes part in multi-professional meetings, living rooms, forums, in order to present its projects to it and its policy, to take part in the realization of diagnoses or programs, to remain in relation to the actors of the equitable trade, the local government agencies, trade unions, ONG, associations and public authorities, answers the questions of consumers or the Net surfers… She sits in various associations (SFS, ARBIO, AGIR, CCI, CE2R).

Maison Meneau protects our environment…

Syrup is the ecological drink par excellence! Our syrups are concentrated to 1 per 8; they are thus an excellent alternative and an excellent way to reduce your environmental impact.
Maison Meneau works constantly to decrease its impact on the planet by using IT systems, reducing its water consumption, sorting waste and using recyclable packaging materials.
It is partner of Adelphe and adheres of this fact to the device of valorization of packing.

Conservation of water

In order to optimize water management: practices of conservation of water are installation; modes of treatment of the rejections and waste waters adapted are used, making it possible to minimize the health hazards the environment and; practices limiting the pollution of waterways or of the water tables are also installation. Maison Meneau optimizes its production with like policy a coherence of scheduling and a constant search for economy on its water consumption.

Waste management

The various types of waste are identified, like their polluting character. Staff is sensitized with a management responsible for waste. Maison Meneau engaged on this point of view: we sort all waste according to their characteristic with knowing glass, the plastic, wood or the paperboard.

Management of the energy resources

The use of energy sources renewable, local, and the production ceiling of greenhouse gas are required. Concerning this subject, Maison Meneau uses rechargeable batteries, but also of cooling water to its cast iron for cleaning. In addition to measurement, indicators are set up to optimize the processes at end to decrease the energy needs. Lastly, the choice of conditioning out of bottle glass allows a production cycle less consuming energy and their recycling at the end of the lifetime contributes to better preserving our environment.

New !

Maison Meneau made its Assessment Carbon on the activities conventional and biological

Various actions in the short and long term are envisaged:

- replacement of the beet sugar by cane sugar transmitting GGE (Greenhouse Gas Effects) for the conventional activity ;

- logistic optimization and passage of glass clearly not recycled (coming from Mons in Belgium) with recycled glass (by privileging the national supplies) ;

- construction of buildings in an environmental unit conceived (HQE, class A-B of insulation, photovoltaic roof) ;

- long-term change of the boilers (condensation + recovery of heat on smoke) ;

- plan of displacement: incentive with Co-conveyance.

Thus, Maison Meneau would be seen reducing its emissions of GGE of 1409 tons eq CO2 in 10 years, that is to say a reduction of 40%. This reduction objective goes beyond that of factor 4 planned for 2050 by the government and validated by Grenelle of the environment. The reduction objective is about 157 tons eq CO2 (that is to say 0.96 kg per liter of syrup) for the activity of organic syrup of cane out of bottle. The reduction objective for the activity of the juice ready to drink is as for him are equivalent to a fall of 71 tons eq CO2 (either 0.93 kg per liter of syrup).